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Three PhD positions as part of the Lobe3 Joint Industry Programme


Three PhD positions are available as part of the Lobe3 Joint Industry Programme (JIP), based at the project partners, the University of Leeds, the University of Manchester, and Imperial College London, which are each funded for 42 months (3.5 years) for UK/EU applicants.


The studentships are focused on improved understanding of the sedimentology and stratigraphy of basin-floor fans, and in particular their character at pinchouts. The students will join the largest group in the world working on earth surface processes and sedimentary basins, will receive excellent training, including physical modeling, fieldwork, process sedimentology, and subsurface data analysis, and will be supported by a supervisory team with leading expertise in structural geology, sedimentology, and stratigraphic analysis of deep-marine sedimentary processes and systems.


We expect successful candidates to present the results of their research at relevant UK and International conferences, and to submit manuscripts to international scientific journals. Please click on the links below for expanded descriptions of the studentships, and contact the relevant primary supervisor is more information is required.




Flow transformations and bedform development against intrabasinal slopes: integrating physical experiments and outcrops. Based at the University of Leeds, with lead supervisor Prof David Hodgson (




Subsurface analysis of deep-water lobe systems; an integrated seismic reflection and borehole approach. Based at Imperial College, London, with lead supervisor Prof Christopher Jackson (


How to apply:

Follow the links in each studentship proposal listed above and complete the online application form indicating the project title and primary supervisor.

The deadline for all applications is March 25th 2018. Interviews will be held on April 16th 2018 in Leeds, UK. For any enquiries about the Lobe3 programme please contact Prof David Hodsgon,, +44 113 343 0236.