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The Stratigraphy Group is involved in collaborative research with groups at the University of Leeds and with number of academic institutions and companies. This collaborative approach allows us to share and draw upon expertise and knowledge with like-minded researchers worldwide.


University of Leeds Research Groups

The Stratigraphy Group collaborate closely with a number of similar industry-facing research groups and their members within the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds:


  Fluvial Research Group (FRG): The group brings together a broad range of expertise for the study of fluvial systems with the aim of developing a better understanding of both the behaviour and evolution of modern rivers and the applied significance of ancient fluvial sedimentary successions.


  Shallow Marine Research Group (SMRG): The group conducts research into the application of shallow-marine sedimentology for developing a better understanding of issues relating to hydrocarbon systems, mineral exploration, and carbon sequestration.


  Basin Structure Group (BSG): Using seismic reflection interpretation, field studies and structural modelling the group aim to develop a better understanding of basins in a variety of tectonic settings.


  Turbidites Research Group (TRG): A recognised leader in the study and analysis of deep marine clastic sedimentary systems, the group principally investigate the flow dynamics and deposits of turbidity currents and related flow types via outcrop studies, flume experiments, seismic studies and theoretical approaches.



Associated Research Groups and Personnel

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Industrial Sponsors

In addition to research grants awarded to the Stratigraphy Group by the European Union, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), and the Royal Society, the group has also received sponsorship for collaborative projects from a large number of companies in the oil and gas industry.