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The Stratigraphy Group


Training Activities


We run both class-room based and field based training in high resolution sequence stratigraphy, reservoir geology and deepwater reservoir analogues. Some courses are mixed classroom/field forums. A key factor in considering training by @stratleeds is that every example we consider in detail, both in terms of outcrops and sub-surface datasets, has been worked by our staff and PhD students for a minimum of 2 years and every study has been published in peer-reviewed international journals.



Field Courses/Workshops

We run a series of field-based courses and the emphasis of each course is tailored for the audience (e.g. exploration, development, reservoir modelling/engineering). These courses can be combined with the above courses or are run as freestanding field events. We currently offer courses to the following areas and in every case the course is based on a minimum of 3 years of field-based research by our staff and PhD students. Also, in every case we have published papers on the area in international, peer-reviewed journals. We have led conference field trips to some of these areas under the auspices of AAPG and IAS.


Shallow marine/deltaic/coastal plain/fluvial systems

- Appalachian Basin, Kentucky

- Neuquén Basin, Argentina


Deepwater systems

- Karoo Basin, South Africa (both Tanqua and Laingsburg) with core and well log data

- Tabernas-Sorbas Basin, Spain

- Neuquén Basin, Argentina

- Basque Basin, Northern Spain


Further details and tailor-made quotations are available from Professor David Hodgson


High resolution sequence stratigraphy

This course has evolved over the last decade, through annual updates and covers all siliciclastic depositional environments and all basin types. The course includes 10 hands-on practical exercises. A cornerstone of this course is the integration of theory with case studies and examples based on our own research over the last 15 years. Concepts are introduced using outcrop examples and then applied to real subsurface datasets. The applications of HRSS to reservoir modelling are fully discussed.


Deepwater Depositional systems and stratigraphic prediction

This new course incorporates our 10 years of outcrop-based studies of deepwater systems in many basins but particularly the Karoo systems of South Africa and the Tabernas-Sorbas Basin of southern Spain, integrated with extensive subsurface data with a series of in-class exercises. The course is usually combined with a field trip to Spain or South Africa and can be run in mixed classroom/field mode.