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The Stratigraphy Group principally comprises staff and students based in Leeds and Manchester, with associated personnel and research groups from across the world.


Academic & Research Staff

Prof. Dave Hodgson

Professor of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Prof. Steve Flint

Professor of Stratigraphy (University of Manchester)

Dr. Rufus Brunt

Lecturer in Petroleum Geology (University of Manchester)

Dr. Miquel Poyatos-Moré

Research Associate (University of Manchester)

Dr. Chris Stevenson

Research Fellow

Dr. Luca Colombera

Research Fellow


Dr. Larissa Hansen

Research Fellow


Dr. Menno Hofstra




Research Students

Charlotte Allen

Evolution, processes and deposits of high latitude submarine fans. NERC-DTP

Bonita Barrett-Crosdil

Stratigraphic architecture of shallow-marine systems in syn-rift to post-rift settings. SMRG

Daniel Bell

A hierarchical, process-based characterisation of deep-marine reservoir quality - University of Manchester.


Kévin Boulesteix

Deepwater mudrock depositional processes and sequence stratigraphy in the Permo-Triassic icehouse to greenhouse transition in the Karoo Basin (South Africa) - University of Manchester.


Hannah Brooks

Influence of tectonic, erosional, and depositional relief on deepwater processes and stratigraphy. SLOPE4


Catherine Burns

Quantitative prediction of fluvial stratigraphic architecture in overbank successions. FRG

Grace Cosgrove

The continental shelf: a conveyor or filter of sediment to deep water? SMRG

Tim Cullen

Response of density underflows to rift basin floor typography and palaeoenvironmental changes.

Stephen Eaton

Origin, evolution, and mobility of large seabed bedforms, offshore East Anglia. SMRG / Vatenfall


Andy Emery

Coastal response to marine transgression: employing the offshore Holocene record to constrain future coastal realignment strategies. LARS


Thais Empinotti

Numerical modelling of stepped slope profiles. Petrobras - TU Delft.

Niall Gandy

Collapse of the British-Irish Ice Sheet: the role of climate and sea-level changes. NERC-DTP

Luz Gomis Cartesio

On the shelf to fluvial transition. SLOPE4 - University of Manchester.

Rachel Healy

Depositional architecture of a deep-water apron system: Unit 5, Skoorsteenberg Fm., Tanqua Depocentre, Karoo Basin, South Africa. LARS


Albertina Nakashole

Heavy minerals in the palaeo and modern Orange River and offshore southern Namibia: implications for understanding the evolution of marine diamondiferous placers SMRG / PMG


Franzikska Palm

Geomorphology of active submarine channels. LARS

Aurélia Privat

Submarine lobes in post-rift settings: facies, geometry, and stacking patterns from the Los Molles Fm., Neuquén Basin, Argentina. LOBE2


Catherine Russell

Controls on point bar architecture based on 3D outcrop studies. FRG

Michelle Shiers

Controls on the deposition, accumulation and preservation of mixed fluvial and marginal-marine successions in coastal-plain settings. FRG-ERG



    The figure below illustrates the range of depositional environments investigated by the current and past members of the group.



Completed Research Students

Andrea Ortiz-Karpf Bathymetric and substrate controls on submaring mass-transport emplacement processes and channel-levee complex evolution (Colciencas).
Sarah Cobain Mechanisms, distribution, and subsurface implications of clastic dyke and sill emplacement. NERC Open CASE (Statoil).
Janet Richardson Antecedent fluvial systems on an uplifted continental margin: constraining Cretaceous to present-day drainage basin development in southern South Africa.
Yvonne Spychala Are all lobes made equal? Comparing the sedimentological processes and depositional architecture of submarine lobes in different palaeogeographic and sequence stratigraphic positions.  LOBE2 
Menno Hofstra From confined to unconfined: the sedimentary processes and stratigraphic record of submarine channel-mouth lobes.  LOBE2 
Marcello Gugliotta Tidal-Fluvial transitions and their stratigraphic significance. Lajas project. - University of Manchester.
Xiaoxi Wang Physical and numerical modelling of turbidity currents in bathymetrically complex settings. CSC - TU Delft.
Alice Gulliford Controls on river and overbank processes in an aggradation-dominated system: Permo-Triassic Beaufort Group, South Africa. - University of Manchester.
Emma Morris Stratigraphic record of sedimentary processes in submarine channel-levee systems.
George Jones Sedimentary processes and stratigraphic record of the shelf to slope transition; an example from the Karoo Basin, South Africa.
Gemma Byrne The role of changing water geochemistry in mineral formation and distribution in estuaries.
Patrick Dowey Prediction of clay minerals and grain-coatings in sandstone reservoirs utilising ancient examples and modern analogue studies.
Claire Mellett Drowned landscapes of the eastern English Channel: records of Quaternary environmental change.
John Cummings Assessing the response of deep-marine macrofauna to the early Palaeogene hyperthermal events: An integrated ichnological, geochemical and stratigraphical approach in the Basque Basin, northern Spain.
Ehsan Daneshvar Empirical and Experimental Assessment of Environmental Controls on Sediment Mineralogy and Fabric Induced by Animals in Estuaries and Intertidal Areas.
Rory O’Hara Murray Suspended sand concentrations and bedform evolution under irregular waves.
Rhodri Jerrett Coal seams as high-resolution records of accommodation change in terrestrial environments.
Amandine Prélat Evolution, architecture and hierarchy of distributary deep-water deposits: a high-resolution outcrop investigation of submarine lobe deposits from the Permian Karoo Basin South Africa.
Jorge Figueiredo Stratigraphic prediction in mud-prone deepwater systems.
Willem van der Merwe Basin margin failure processes during the initiation of a deepwater system; the Vischkuil Formation, Laingsburg Depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa.
Carlos Oliveira Soft sediment deformation processes and products in shelf to base of slope settings.
Richard Wild Sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic evolution of a Permian lower slope to shelf succession, Tanqua depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa.