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The Stratigraphy Group


Depositional Systems


One of the Strat Groups key research aims is to further understand the controls related to the transport and deposition of sediments from source-to-sink. As a result, our research covers a wide range of environments and processes, from the erosion of mountain ranges to the deposition of sediments in deep water basin-floor environments. The range of various environments commonly encountered between these two settings can be grouped into two broad systems; terrestrial-shallow water and deep water.


Terrestrial - shallow water

This system consists of a wide range of environments, from landscape evolution and erosional processes to fluvio-deltaic settings and other tidally influenced environments. Research projects are commonly conducted in close collaboration with the Fluvial Research Group (FRG) and Shallow Marine Research Group (SMRG). Click on the image below to discover more about the researchers working on projects within these closely interlinked depositional systems.


Cathy Burns Niall Gandy

Deep water

Research into submarine slope and basin-floor environments is a key focus area of the Strat Group. Click on the diagram below to discover more about the members of the group working on projects related to these intimately linked deep marine depositional systems.