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The Stratigraphy Group focuses on understanding the stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary basins through the application of outcrop and subsurface studies. Based between the University of Leeds (led by Prof. Dave Hodgson) and the University of Manchester (led by Prof. Steve Flint), since its founding at the University of Liverpool in 1990, the Stratigraphy Group has undertaken studies around the world, focussing on stratigraphic prediction through understanding the external controls on depositional systems and the filling of sedimentary basins.

Our research activities are conducted by a multidisciplinary group of geoscientists and post-graduate research students utilising a range of approaches (e.g. outcrop studies, 3D seismic, well data) to further understand sedimentary processes and the controls on the deposition of sedimentary sequences.


Outputs include over 120 peer-reviewed papers, one text book and the editing of several Special Publications. Some 300 conference presentations have been given worldwide and a large number of proprietary research reports authored.

Collaborative research is frequently undertaken with universities, public and private research institutions and industry worldwide. Projects conducted by the group and with our research partners have been supported by most of the world’s oil and gas companies, the European Union and the UK Natural Environment Research Council.