Steve Arnold

My group's research focuses on the transport and chemistry of trace constituents in the atmosphere, and their interactions with the Earth's biosphere and climate system. We use models and observations to improve understanding of these processes.

I am also Director of the Centre of Excellence for Modelling the Atmosphere and Climate (CEMAC).

Recent work

Large inter-model diversity in NOy partitioning and oVOC abundances at high latitudes

Seasonal variation of zonal average concentrations of NOy species and oVOCs at 700 hPa, averaged over 50–70◦ N latitude band from the POLMIP (POLARCAT Model Intercomparison Project) models. Models show particularly large diversity in their simulation of these sparsely-observed species, with important implications for simulation of ozone in the Arctic troposphere. Excerpt from Figure 7 of Emmons et al., (2015).


22 Nov 2016 The Pan-Eurasian Experiment overview paper is published in ACP.

17 Nov 2016: PhD opportunity! Jointly with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, we are hoping to recruit a well-motivated and enthusiastic PhD student to work on understanding the combined impacts of ozone pollution and drought on plants and their role in the water cycle. More information here. Closing date: 9th Jan 2016.

07 Oct 2016 Steve Arnold is attending the Arctic Circle Assembly 2016, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Steve Arnold

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