09 Jun 2016 New paper on "The status and challenge of global fire modelling" published in Biogeosciences.

19 May 2016 Our PACES-led overview of outstanding issues in Arctic air pollution science and recommendations for future research is published in Elementa: "Arctic Air Pollution: challenges and opportuntiies for the next decade".

18 May 2016 Steve Arnold is presenting at the 2nd PEEX Science Conference in Beijing, China on "Radiative forcing sensitivity to model bias in high latitude ozone profiles".

15 Mar 2016 Steve Arnold is attending the Arctic Science Summit Week in Fairbanks, Alaska.

15 Dec 2015 Steve Arnold is co-convening a session on Arctic tropopsheric composition and its impacts, at the AGU conference in San Francisco.

4 Dec 2015 The AMAP Assessment 2015: Black carbon and ozone as Arctic climate forcers is published, to which we contributed expertise on Arctic ozone.

1 Dec 2015: PhD opportunity! We are hoping to recruit a well-motivated and enthusiastic PhD student to work on understanding the impacts of man-made and biomass burning sources of short-lived climate pollutants on Arctic climate. More information here. Closing date: 11th Jan 2016.

29 Sep 2015 The BORNET workshop on short-lived climate pollutants in the Siberian Arcitc was held in Helsinki, co-organised with the new PACES initiative on Arctic air pollution and the PEEX programme. Over 40 attendees from Europe, Japan, the USA and Russia attended.

17 Jun 2015 The POLMIP overview paper is now out! Overview and evaulation of Arctic tropospheric chemistry in a multi-model experiment. Click here.

3rd Jun 2015 Our paper on biomass burning influence on high-latitude ozone and NOy in chemistry-transport models is published in ACP.

11th May 2015 The group is hosting two visiting researchers from University of Helsinki, as part of the collaboration between the NERC BORNET-Eurasia project and the PEEX network.

14th April 2015 Steve Arnold presents an invited talk at the EGU General Assembly, Vienna in the session: Atmospheric transport of trace species and aerosols.

31st March 2015 Our paper on multi-model analysis of transport of anthropogenic and biomass burning pollution to the Arcitc is published in ACP here.

5th February 2015 New paper on new insights into Arctic air pollution from the POLARCAT-IPY experiments is published in BAMS.

25th November 2014 The POLMIP model comparison overview paper is now available in ACP discussions here.

2nd October 2014 Our paper on evaluation of Arctic CO and ozone in tropospheric chemistry models is published in ACP discussions here.

26th September 2014 Check out our new paper in ERL on contribution of vegetation and peat fires to south-east Asian air pollution.

24th September 2014 Our new paper on biomass burning influence on high latitude ozone is published in ACP discussions.

18th August 2014 We attended the CRAICC-PEEX workshop on "Short-lived climate forcers in the Eurasian boreal region", in Hyytiala in Finland. The workshop was co-organised through our BORNET-Eurasia project, and involved discussions on new collaborations and model evalaution efforts regarding ozone and aerosol at high latitudes.

16th July 2014 Steve is currently spending a 1-month research visit at the Atmospheric Chemistry Division at NCAR, Boulder, Colorado.

27th June 2014 Check out the new ORC3 blog with updates from the ongoing Cape Verde field campaign:

23rd June 2014 The first field campaign of our ORC3 project on marine organics is underway at last! More updates soon from Hannah and others at the NCAS Cape Verde observatory.

5th June 2014 Postdoctoral research fellow position available in modelling of atmospheric chemistry and aerosol. More details here.

16th April 2014 New paper published in GRL, led by Maria Val Martin, CSU. Coupling dry deposition to vegetation phenology in the Community Earth System Model.

4th April 2014 Saharan dust not the dominant factor in the current UK smog episode. Read our Press Release here.

2nd April 2014 I was interviewed by the Yorkshire Post about the recent poor air quality in the UK.

1st April 2014 I appeared on BBC Look North to discuss the recent epsisode of poor air quality in Yorkshire.

Mar 2014
Meeting news: Steve Arnold and Dominick Spracklen attended the 4th PEEX Workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia, and announced funding of the Leeds-led NERC-funded BORNET-Eurasia project.

Mar 2014
Grant news: The Natural Environment Research Council have announced funding for our new project aimed at building capability for improving understanding of land-atmosphere-climate interactions in the boreal high latitudes. The BORNET-Eurasia project will build capacity for a new joint research programme between European and Russian scientists, focussed on probing natural and man-made influences on short-lived climate pollutants over the Eurasian Arctic and boreal forest, and will evaluate current models of atmospheric composition and climate in this region.

Jun 2013
Grant News: A novel 3-year project on using tree ring O-isotope data and numerical models to investigate long-term changes in the Amazon water cycle has been funded by the Natural Environment Research Council. The project is led by Prof. Manuel Gloor in the School of Geography. Our group are involved in the modelling aspects of the project, including using our expertise in Lagrangian modelling to investigate changes in atmospheric transport and water cycling in the Amazon region over recent decades.

Apr 2013
Grant News: The Natural Environment Research Council have announced that our project on "Earth System Modelling metrics for atmospheric composition" has been funded. The project is a 2-year collaboration between Dr. Dominick Spracklen and Dr. Steve Arnold at the University of Leeds and Prof. Mat Evans at the University of York, and will fund 2 PDRAs. The project is one of several funded by NERC specifically to use observations to evaluate different components of Earth System models.

Mar 2013
New Paper: Our study using satellite observations and a model to investigate the source sensitivities and radiative effects of Mediterranean summertime ozone has been published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. View the paper here.

Dec 2012
Grant News: The Natural Environment Research Council have announced that our project ORC3 (Oceanic Reactive Carbon: Chemistry-Climate impacts) has been funded. The project aims to better understand oceanic emissions of reactive organic compounds and how they modify marine aerosol and the atmosphere's oxidative capacity. The 3-year project will start later this year, and is led by Dr. Steve Arnold at Leeds in collaboration with the University of York. It will invovle two field campaigns at the NCAS Cape Verde observatory and global modelling work at Leeds.

Sep 2012
New Paper: Our study showing a link between air exposure to forests and tropical rainfall has been published in Nature. The paper can be accessed here , and this "News and Views" article written by Luiz Aragao gives the study some wider context.