Martyn Chipperfield Research Projects

This page lists major externally funded, non-studentship projects on which I am (was) PI or Co-I. The links for the older projects may no longer work.

Current Projects

SISLAC InHALE (2022-2026)
Investigation of Halogens...

SISLAC LSO3 (2022-2024)
Lower Stratosphere Ozone

Ozone Recovery from Merged Observational Data and Model Analysis

STFC PacSAC (2020-2022)
Pollution and Climate Smart Agriculture in China

SISLAC Polygram (2020-2024)
POLYisotopologues of GReenhouse gases: Analysis and Modelling

SISLAC Meteorstrat (2018-2023)
Meteoric Influences on Stratospheric Aerosol and Clouds

NDSC NDSC Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change

Completed Projects

SISLAC SISLAC (2017-2020)
Sources and Impacts of Short-Lived Anthropgenic Chlorine

MOYA MOYA (2016-2020)
Methane Observations and Yearly Assessments

MOYA PROMOTE (2016-2022)
Process analysis, observations and modelling - Integrated solutions for cleaner air for Delhi

STFC Ozone (2014-2016)
Surface ozone

StratoClim StratoClim (2013-2019)
Stratospheric and upper tropospheric processes for better climate predcitions

GAUGE GAUGE (2013-2017)
Greenhouse gas UK and Global Emissions

GAUGE ESA EO (2012-2015)
ESA Earth Observation

TropHal TropHal (2012-2015)
Tropospheric halogen chemistry: Reaction mechanisms, processes and global impacts

MAPLE MAPLE (2012-2014)
Middle Atmosphere Processes and Lifetime Estimates

4M 4M (2010-2014)
Multi-scale Modelling of Mesospheric Metals

SHIVA SHIVA (2009-2013)
Stratospheric Ozone: Halogen Impacts in a Varying Atmosphere

PREMIER Mission Support

Amazon Integrated Carbon Analysis

COTTEE COTTEE (2008-2011)
Testing and Improving Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses Through Tracer Transport Studies

SCOUT-O3 GEOmon (2007-2011)
Global Earth Observations and Monitoring

Acetone and Peroxyacetyl Nitrate in the Upper Troposphere: MIPAS Satellite Retrievals and 3D Model Studies

HPCO3 HPCO3 (2007-2010)

SOLCLI SOLCLI (2006-2012)
Solar Influences on Climate

UM Coupled Stratosphere (2005-2018)
Coupled Stratosphere-Troposphere Climate Model

SCOUT-O3 SCOUT-O3 (2004-2009)
Stratospheric-Climate Links with Emphasis on the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere

ITOP ITOP (2004-2007)
Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors

Quantification Understanding of Ozone Losses by Bipolar Investigations
Model Page (restricted access)

Towards the Prediction of Stratospheric Ozone III (TOPOZ III)

QUILT QUILT (2001-2004)
Quantification and Interpretation of Long-Term UV-Vis Observations of the Stratosphere

QUOBI RAMAS (2000-2004)
Radiometer at Summit

QUOBI SAMMOA (2000-2002)
Summer Arctic

THESEO DATA (2000-2001)
Data Assimilation study.

THESEO THESEO (2000-2002)
Modelling Experiments for the Third European Stratospheric Experiment on Ozone (THESEO)

PANACEA NERC Fellowship (2000-2002)
NERC Advanced Fellowship

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