Research Group

Thomas Thorp, PhD Student

Luke Conibear, PhD Student

Laura Kiely, PhD student

Will Rolls, PhD student

Eloise Slater, PhD student

Felicity Monger, PhD student

Ben Silver, PhD student


Carly Reddington, Research Fellow

Ed Butt, PhD Student

Agung Adrianto, PhD Student

Charlotte Weaver, PhD Student

Andrew Price-Allison, PhD Student

Xinyue He, PhD student.


Suzanne Stas. PhD Student, now at Stichting Probos, an environmental NGO committed to sustainable forest management.

Cat Scott, PhD student and PDRA, now NERC Independent Research Fellow at University of Leeds.

Michael O'Sullivan, PhD Student, now PDRA, University of Exeter.

Douglas Hamilton, PhD student 2012-2016, now PDRA, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, USA.

Zarashpe Kapadia, PhD student, now CDP, London.

Steven Turnock, PhD student 2012-2016, now Air Quality Scientist, UK Met Office.

Alex Rap, PDRA 2011-2013, now Senior Research Fellow, University of Leeds.

Masura Yoshioka, PDRA 2011, now Research Fellow, University of Leeds.