Andy Nowacki

University of Leeds
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I am a seismologist and Lecturer in Geophysics at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, studying the inside of the Earth using observations and simulations of seismic waves emitted by earthquakes.




School of Earth and Environment,
University of Leeds,



+44 (0)113 343 9630

Research Interests

  • Mantle flow
  • D″ structure and anisotropy
  • Microseismicity beneath volcanoes and in reservoirs (geothermal and petroleum)
  • Dynamics and seismicity of Earth’s transition zone (410–660 km) and uppermost lower mantle
  • Seismic monitoring of industrial processes
  • Seismic structure of mid-ocean ridges
  • Glacial seismicity

My research involves using seismic observations, mineral physical predictions and geodynamic simulations to try and better understand processes within the Earth from the reservoir to global scale. My research has included making measurements of seismic anisotropy and forward modelling the seismic wavefield in complicated media, characterising microseismicity in rifting regions such as Iceland and Ethiopia, studying melting processes beneath mid-ocean ridges, and imaging seismicity in glaciers, amongst other topics.

If you are interested in studying for a research degree with me on any of the above topics, please get in touch. My research is appropriate for our remote PhD programme.