Research Group

Group Leader

Prof Martyn Chipperfield

Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry; Director of ICAS

Research Staff

Dr Andreas Chrysanthou

Research Fellow

Dr Sandip Dhomse

Research Fellow

Dr Wuhu Feng

NCAS Scientist

Ailish Graham

Research Fellow

Dr Richard Pope

Research Fellow

Dr Chris Wilson

Research Fellow


Dr Carlo Arosio


Research Students

Antonio Bruno

Postgraduate Student

Michael Cartwright

Postgraduate Student

Emily Dowd

Postgraduate Student

Peter Joyce

Postgraduate Student

Matilda Pimlott

Postgraduate Student

Zihao Wang

Postgraduate Student

Former PhD Students and Post Docs

Name Current Position Thesis
Dr Chris Kelly (PhD 2020) Now PDRA at University College London PDF
Dr Giorgio Taverna (PhD 2020) Now PDRA in Mainz, Germany PDF
Dr Yajuan Li (PDRA) Now at Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, China
Dr Shane Daly (PhD 2020) PDF
Dr Evgenia Galytska (PhD 2019) Now PDRA University of Bremen, Germany PDF
Dr Natasha Aylett (PhD 2019) PDF
Dr Tim Keslake (PhD 2017) Now Chemistry teacher PDF
Dr Joe McNorton (PhD 2016) Now at ECMWF. PDF
Dr Nigel Richards (PDRA) Now NERC DTP Administrator Leeds
Dr Richard Pope (PhD 2014) Now PDRA at Leeds. PDF
Dr Erin Dawkins (PhD 2014) Now PDRA at NASA Goddard, USA. PDF
Dr Michael Hollaway (PDRA) Now PDRA at Lancaster University, UK.
Dr Ryan Hossaini (PhD 2012) Now NERC Fellow at Lancaster University. PDF
Dr Chris Wilson (PhD 2011) Now PDRA at Leeds. PDF
Dr Sarah Monks (PhD 2011) Now PDRA at NOAA Aeronomy Lab., Boulder, USA. PDF
Dr Tom Breider (PhD 2010) Now PDRA at Harvard University, USA. PDF
Dr Lara Gunn (PhD 2008) PDRA at UC Berkeley, USA. Now Project Meteorologist at Fugro, UK. PDF
Dr Beatriz Monge-Sanz (PhD 2008) Marie Curie Fellow at KNMI. Now at ECMWF. PDF
Dr Kirsty Pringle (PhD 2006) Met Office and MPI, Mainz. Now Research Fellow at Leeds.
Prof Wenshou Tian (PDRA) Now Professor of Meteorology at Lanzhou University, China.
Dr Adrian Hill (PhD 2006) Now at Met Office.
Prof Dominick Spracklen (PhD 2005) PDRA at Harvard University. Now Professor at Leeds. PDF
Dr Jeff Evans (PDRA) Environmental Waste Management.
Dr Steve Arnold (PhD 2004) Now Associate Professor at Leeds. PDF
Dr Cate Bridgeman (PDRA) Career change to become architect.
Dr Miriam Sinnhuber (PDRA) Now at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
Dr Bjoern-Martin Sinnhuber (PDRA) Now at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
Dr Stewart Davies (PhD 2003) Environmental Consultant. PDF

Conference Photos

A selection of atmospheric science conference photos are available here.

Group Photos

TOMCAT Football