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We study the chemical and dynamical processes which affect the composition of the natural and polluted atmosphere from the surface to about 100 km. We develop and use detailed 3-D models and use observations from a wide range of platforms.

Recent work

Ozone return dates from CCMI simulations

As part of the modelling work for the WMO/UNEP 2018 Ozone Assessment (in support of the Montreal Protocol) we have led a study of stratospheric ozone recovery. We analysed around 20 chemistry-climate models to estimate the dates by when ozone will return to 1980 levels. See Dhomse et al., (ACP, 2018).



October 2020 New Nature paper on global N2O budget. (Tian et al., 2020).

November 2019 New Nature Climate Change paper on increasing N2O emissions. (Thompson et al., 2019).

January 2019 Chris Kelly wins 2018 AGU Outstanding Student Poster Award.

November 2018 New GRL paper on phosgene in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (Harrison et al., 2018).

November 2018 Chris Kelly wins poster prize at ICAS Annual Science Meeting.

October 2018 Evgenia wins 2018 EGU Outstanding Poster Award.

October 2018 New GRL paper on N2O source in the mesophere. (Kelly et al., 2018).

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