SOEE3410 : Atmosphere & Ocean Climate Change

This module examines the processes controlling climate change in both the atmosphere and ocean, and the interactions between them. The lectures are split into three broad (and overlapping) groups covering atmosphere-surface interactions; clouds, aerosols, and radiative processes; and oceanographic processes.

Assessed Climate Modelling Exercise

The climate modelling exercise uses a simplified climate model with a web-interface. It is accessible here, but only from machines on the university network.

Lecture Slides

Copies of the lecture slides will be posted on the VLE shortly after each lecture.

Sea-Ice animation

Animation of changes in Arctic sea-ice age over time

Suggested Reading

There are very few texts treating the complex interelated atmospheric and oceanographic processes involved in climate change at a level appropriate for a general undergraduate course. These texts should be accessible to non-specialists:

The texts listed below are at a rather more advanced level, but sections of them will provide excellent background material, as well as going into considerably more detail than is required here:

A major international research programme is currently underway to investigate the interactions between the ocean and atmosphere: the Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS)(Both Ian Brooks and Ken Carslaw are involved in SOLAS research projects). Parts of the science plan provides an excellent background to the scientic issues covered in this course.

Hurricanes & Climate:

The papers referenced in the surface-climate feedback lecture on the links between hurricanes and climate, plus other papers of interest are listed below:

Ocean Processes reading list: [PDF]

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