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This page contains some links to visualisation software useful for people using atmospheric models. They have been developed as part of my research so reflect my needs. Some samples of the output are available on my research page. The programs are available free for research use. If you do intend to use them then please let me know. Some brief documentation is available.

Supported model formats

Current version supports The code is modular and written in C++, so could be relatively easily adapted for other versions and models.

Also included as part of blasvis is a program (makesetup) to generate a BLASIUS setup.dat file from a BLASIUS data file. This can be useful in it's own right and also as an example of how to use the data handling routines in your own code.

System requirements

It makes use of the plplot library which is available under the GPL and runs on a variety of platforms. You need the latest version (5.3.0) to properly support C++. This is a slight pain, but on the other hand plplot is FREE. It also has good support for a variety of on-screen and graphics formats, including ps, eps, png, jpeg, X11 and tk.

Once the library is installed the software should run on most version of UNIX or Windows with a relatively modern C++ compiler. Blasvis has only been fully tested with gcc 2.95.4 under Linux 2.4 (Debian 3.0) and gcc 3.3 under Linux 2.4 (Debian testing).

You can also compile without the graphics support which removes the need for plplot. This still allows the program to be used for data analysis and converting BLASIUS binary files to ASCII for plotting with other tools.

Download software

Email me if you have any questions.

If you need any help using BLASIUS or blasvis then please email me.

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Last updated: 15 July 2004