Dominick Spracklen


Humans are altering the composition of the atmosphere and transforming ecosystems with impacts on climate and the Earth System. Our research aims to understand interactions between the biosphere, atmosphere and climate and the ways that these are being altered by human activity.

Recent work

Climate impacts of deforestation

Deforestation impacts the climate through changing land surface properties and altering the exchange of carbon dioxide and biogenic volatile organic compounds with the atmosphere. Biogenic voltile organic compounds react in the atmosphere altering the formation of ozone, methane and aerosol particles. We find that deforestation changes the concentrations of these species, reducing aerosol concentrations leading to a warming (aerosol DRF and IRF) and reducing O3 and CH4 leading to a cooling. Overall, we find that these changes to short lived climate forcers (SLCFs) results in a net warming impact on climate.

Scott et al., Nature Communications, 2018

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January 2018 Press Release on our recent paper in Nature Communications about climate impacts of deforestation.

December 2017 Press Release on our recent paper in Nature Geoscience about climate feedbacks from natural aerosol.

November 2017 Excited to hear that I have been awarded a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council for work on the climate and air quality impacts of tropical deforestation.

February 2017 Press Release on our recent paper in Nature Geoscience on the climate warming from black carbon aerosol.

November 2016 News coverage of our recent work on Indonesian fires and air quality.

November 2016 Fully funded PhD studentship to study co-benefits of low carbon cities on Asian air quality.

September 2016 Cat Scott awarded the Early Career Oral Presentation Award at IGAC 2016.

March 2016 Our research on EU legislation and air quality in the Geographical.

February 2016 Press release on our paper on EU legislation and air quality.

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