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Humans are altering the composition of the atmosphere and transforming ecosystems with impacts on climate and the Earth System. Our research aims to understand interactions between the biosphere, atmosphere and climate and the ways that these are being altered by human activity.

Recent work

Land Use Change Impacts on Air Quality and Climate

Heald & Spracklen, Chem. Rev., 2015

Land use change alters the fluxes of trace gases between the surface and atmosphere with impacts on atmospheric composition and the Earth's climate. We found that historical land use change has led to substantial changes to ozone, biogenic secondary organic aerosol, nitrate, dust and smoke aerosol. The overall impact of these changes is likely a net cooling impact on climate.

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July 2015 Firing photosynthesis - Research highlight in Nature Climate Change on our recent paper on fires, aerosol, diffuse radiation and forest carbon

March 2015 We have a funded PhD with World Land Trust to study forest degradation and restoration in Vietnam. Apply here, deadline 8th April.

March 2015 Douglas Hamilton awarded a Postgraduate Researcher Publication Prize 2014/2015.

August 2014 Cat Scott has been awarded a Springer Thesis Prize, awarded for an outstanding PhD thesis showing "scientific excellence and impact on research"..

July 2014 The first field campaign of our ORC3 project on marine organics is underway at the NCAS Cape Verde observatory. Updates soon from Hannah and others on their blog.

May 2014 The Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere and Forests (LEAF) Research Centre gets a website. Bringing together research on forests from across the University of Leeds. And we have a logo:

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