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Press release klaxon - strat@leeds have a paper in Scientific Reports published this month that uses injectites in the Laingsburg area of the Karoo Basin to show that macrofauna can burrow 4 times deeper than previously thought. Download the open access paper here:

and the press release is here:



What a Day! Albertina Nakaoshole passes here viva (thanks to external Liz Whitfield) on the same day her first paper is accepted in Sedimentary Geology. Luz Gomis Cartesio has also passed her viva and secured a job in Statoil Exploration in Bergen. That means all our PhD graduates this year have jobs in the geoscience – very proud. Strat@Leeds had a typically large presence at the BSRG AGM in Newcastle – both in terms of presentations, and on the dancefloor.



Stephen Eaton passed his PhD transfer, and we held very useful workshops with the BGS Marine Geology team, and for the tsunami modelling project. Bonita and Luz have also had papers accepted in Marine and Petroleum Geology and Sedimentology respectively.



PhDs are like buses…Cathey Burns and Catherine Russell passed their vivas – thanks to their external examiners, Gary Nichols and Gino Ghinassi respectively. More good news for Cathey and Hannah who have been awarded prestigious Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowships. Hannah will be going to Chiba University to work with Prof Makoto Ito, where Dave held his JSPS Fellowship, and Cathey will join Strat Group alumni Marcello Gugliotta in Shimane University working with Prof. Yoshiki Saito. A big team are in the Tanqua Karoo for a long field campaign, led by Larissa and Rachel and supported by Dave Lee and Hannah Brooks. The end of October, Grace Cosgrove had a short field season collecting data from clinothem surface in the Sobrarbe delta in Ainsa supported by Miguel Poyatos-More, and some mini-Hodgsons.




‘Away Days’ with the Manchester Stratigraphy Group to Hathersage in the Peak District. The weather wasn’t friendly, but the team building task was mutually beneficial – team cooking different courses for the evening meal. The rules - £50 and 10 minutes shopping time, and everything had to be cooked from scratch. The losers were also the winners – Team Breakfast and their fresh bread, and (needed) full English breakfast.



PhD transfers continue – well done to Rachel Healy and Charlotte Allen. Dave ran a deep-water sedimentology and stratigraphy workshop for Ecopetrol in Bogota, Colombia, and staying with Strat Leeds alumni, Andrea Ortiz-Karpf. Unfortunately his trip to the Ecopetrol research centre in Bucaramanga was scuppered by a pilots strike – so instead had to sample Colombia’s newest brewery – and visited a cathedral in a salt diapir in Zuipaquira. The main event of the month, however, was Hannah Brooks smashing her viva (thanks to external examiner Mike Mayall). Very minor corrections in the same month as her first paper was published in Sedimentology.



Leeds Quaternary visit to BGS core store in Keyworth led to finding an unsplit core collected in the 1990’s from the Dogger Bank. So, it was split and photographed, and showed a huge amount of variation in sedimentary facies. Andy is still scratching his head.



Year 1 PhD transfer season has started – well done to Andy Emery, Niall Gandy and Tim Cullen who all cruised through the process. Dave has been filmed discussing the SMAKS database, part of the PDS Ava Clastics software. See the results here:




Grace Cosgrove, Daan Beelen, and Dave Hodgson all presented at the SEPM Field Conference ‘Propagation of Environmental Signals within Source-to-Sink Stratigraphy’, held in L’Ainsa, Spain. The conference was an excellent show case, and rare opportunity for geomorphologists and stratigraphers to interact, mixed with field visits to local outcrops, and a new geological map presented by Cai Puigdefàbregas. The convenors, Sébastien Castelltort, Julian Clark, Andrea Fildani, and Cai, did a spectacular job.



Exciting! Fieldwork in one of the most active extensional bits of the Earth’s crust – the Gulf of Corinth – for Tim Cullen and Bonita Barrett. Tim is investigating process transitions, and stratigraphic architecture, in the foreset to bottomset deposits in the spectacular Evrostini fan-delta succession – see the rocks here:



Bonita’s focus of research is the Selanous fan delta – a largely untouched fan delta to the west of the phase 2 border fault – in order to investigate lateral variations in fan delta stratigraphy from fault centre to tip – see more here:




Big presence at AAPG, with awesome posters from Yvonne, Hannah, Bonita, Grace, and Catherine, Rufus, Miquel, and Luz and talks by Dave, Steve, and Andrea. Apparently the group road trip around west Texas was awesome (not jealous).

Visit our YouTube channel at for highly amateur drone films from outcrops around the world. Have is an example, from the rubbish dump outside Laingsburg, South Africa



Grant success! Funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering, via the Newton Fund, entitled Submarine slope instability in the Colombian Margin and managing risk to submarine infrastructure: development of a methodology for the seafloor geotechnical characterization in the Colombian Caribbean. The project is led by Dr Bill Murphy and will be run in close collaboration with the Universiddad EAFIT, Medellin, Colombia and Ecopetrol

New papers klaxon, and the only similarity is that they are both published in Sedimentary Geology. Burns, Mountney and Hodgson (351, 21-35) is on dimensions and facies architecture of crevasse slay deposits, and Dowey, Worden, Utley and Hodgson (355, 46-63) is on the formation of grain coats in a modern estuary.

We had a strong presence at the Subsurface sand remobilization and injection conference held at the Geological Society, London, with four talks on the afternoon of the first day. Jeff felt that having two talks was a bit 'silly'.



Fieldwork time is upon us again, thankfully, with Aurelia and Andy heading to the Neuquen Basin (don’t touch those ammonites), and Rachel, Larissa, and Charly joining a big group from the Manchester Strat Group in the Karoo. The office will be quiet….

Congratulations to strat@leeds alumni, Dr Janet Richardson, who is returning to Leeds as one of the iCASP Impact Translation Fellows.

Thematic set on the Quaternary Geology of the North Sea, co-edited by David Hodgson, published in the Journal of Quaternary Science



Congratulation to Michelle Shiers, who passed her viva voce. The second paper from her thesis, titled ‘Controls on the deposition, accumulation and preservation of mixed fluvial and marginal-marine successions in coastal-plain settings’, will be published in JSR in February.

We had a strong turnout at the Deep-water Deposition Systems: Advances and Applications conference at the Geological Society of London (Jan 25th-27th), with presentations from Hannah, Aurelia, and Dave.

Welcome to Dr Larissa Hansen and Stephen Eaton. Larissa is starting a 2-year postdoctoral position, funded by Statoil, working on stratigraphic traps in base-of-slope and basin-floor settings, using exhumed analogues in the Karoo Basin, and subsurface data from offshore Norway. Stephen is starting a PhD, part funded by Vattenfall, investigating the origin and evolution of sediment waves, offshore East Anglia, using an integrated dataset of bathymetry, shallow reflection seismic, grab samples and boreholes.



Congratulations to Andy Emery, who won the ‘People’s Choice’ best poster at BSRG, Cambridge.

As part of the Lobe2 project a short film was commissioned based on the October 2015 sponsors' field trip. The film highlights the research undertaken by the group and its potential value to industrial partners.




The group is currently advertising for a Research Fellow to join the group. Collaborating with Statoil, the project focuses on the architecture and modelling of deep-water stratigraphic traps. Further details can be found here.

With the start of Autumn comes the latest influx of keen PhD students into the group. A big welcome to Charley, Tim, Andy, Rachel, and Simon.

Congratulations to Andrea on the successful defence of her PhD: Bathymetric and substrate controls on submarine mass-transport emplacement processes and channel-levve complex evolution. Excellent work Dr. Ortiz-Karpf.


Welcome to the Strat@Leeds website.




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