Dr R R Burton

Institute for Atmospheric Science

School of Earth and Environment (Environment)


To give an introduction to the theory of atmospheric dispersion and to describe the basic principles of atmospheric dispersion modelling.

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Course Notes

The Atmospheric Dispersion course notes are available here: [ps] [pdf]


Lectures take place on Tuesdays at 12:00-1300 and Fridays at 14:00-15:00. There will be 10 lectures and 2 tutorials altogether.


1. Scalar Transport in the Atmosphere
2. Transport Processes
3. The Atmospheric Boundary Layer
4. Continuous Point Sources of Pollutant
5. Dispersion in Real Environments
6. Gaussian Plumes from High Chimneys
7. Deposition
8. Types of Atmospheric Dispersion Models
9. Chemical Reaction of Atmospheric Pollutants
10. Numerical Schemes


You must do Assignments 1 and 2. For Assignment 2, there is a choice between an essay-type question and a numerical-modelling type question.
Assignment 1 (PDF)
Assignment 2 (PDF)
For Assignment 1 you will need Naik's paper.

To see how to create contour plots using excel, see this worked example (which includes an example of the use of FORTRAN format statements) or check the official Microsoft pages.

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