CCMVal Photocomp 2008

CCMVAL Report Chapter 6



Michael Prather (UCI), Huisheng Bian (GSFC), Martyn Chipperfield (Leeds), Doug Kinnison (NCAR)


The calculation of photolysis (J) rates is a possible source of considerable difference between CCMs. Within the overall aims of CCMVal, and the forthcoming SPARC CCMVal Report, we are conducting an intercomparison of model photolysis rates. This will help identify, and reduce, model-model differences.

All models are welcome to take part. To do this you will need to download a few data files, run your photolysis code and output the results in a standard format. See links below for more information.

When you have results ready please create a directory with your model name under "/project_spaces/ccmval/PHOTOCOMP" and upload the data to this directory of the CCMVal Archive at BADC (see Guidelines for CCMVal Collaborators at for instructions how to become a formal "CCMVal Collaborator"). Once you have finished the transfer of your data, please notify Martyn Chipperfield by email. If you are not a CCMVal participant, and don't want to become one, you can still take part in PhotoComp by emailing your results files to Martyn Chipperfield.

New/updated results received by July 14, 2009 can be included in the Second Order Draft of the CCMVal Report.

Description of PhotoComp Experiments HTML PDF

Directory of input datafiles, example output and plots, CCMVal Report text Here

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by Martyn Chipperfield