• Sources of Meteorological Data
  • Currently the best sites for charts

    US/UK charts (good for analysis and 24-120 hour forecasts) and Meteosat images

    UK Bracknell Fax charts, analysis amd 24-120hr forecasts, optimised for printing

  • Other sites
  • The UK Meteorological Office
    Meteo France
    European Centre for Weather Forecasts(ECMWF)
    All UK and European weather charts (Topkarten)
    European radiosonde data, University of Barcelona
    A good web site in Spanish, Barcelona
    UK Weather station data from Karlsruhe
    Birmingham Geography weather data
    European Aviation web site
    University of Wyoming

  • Miscellaneous sites
  • Ftp access to Noaa fax chart directory
    C.E.Temperatures from the Hadley Centre
    Noaa overseas fax charts summary Noaa weather products home page
    Meteosat pictures from Nottingham
    Dundee University satellite centre

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