Aerosols and Clouds

Fog, Visibility and Low Clouds - Dr. Alan Gadian, Dr Alan Blyth and Dr Brian Golding, UK Meteorological Office

Description: The development and dispersion of Fog is a subject which combines many areas of Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology. The creation of Fog is often poorly predicted by weather forecast models. This project will examine the dynamical, radiational and microphysics of this phenomena to produce a new model of Fog development and dispersion.

Specifically the project will:

* Work with data collected for the European Union COST 722 action, to assess the current models and their applicability.

* Participate and collaborate with scientists from the UK Meteorological Office and participate in working group activities relating to this E.U. action

* study the microphysics of low clouds and Fog, to modify and develop existing models, from the view point of understanding the underlying physical processes.

* Use the derived tools in an atmospheric cloud resolving model and compare with observations.

Background required: 2:1 or above in Physical Science (with some Mathematics).
Funding: Anticipated funding from NERC or University Scholarship (for UK/EU) or Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) (for Overseas). Meteorological Office Funding has also been applied for
Closing Date for Applications: As for scholarships (15 June 2003 for NERC, 1 March 2003 for University Scholarship and Overseas Research Scholarship).