• Interesting Meteorological Sites
  • University of Wyoming data Meso-nh Model
    Royal Meteorological Society NERC
    Birmingham Geography and weather data
    UMIST Aeorosol & Cloud Physics data
    I.A.S. Leeds University
    Reading University and JCMM group
    The UK Meteorological Office
    Meteo France
    Eur. Centre for Med. Range Weather Forecasts
    C.E.temperatures from U.E.A.
    Lightning database...1, . . . . . and an alternate site
    Lightning database...2
    European radiosonde data from Barcelona
    A good web site (Spanish), Univ. of Barcelona
    Oxford Atmospheric Physics Department
    UK University and research sites
    TOMS ozone picture (good!)
    General ozone info! from MASA

  • General interesting Sites
  • Railway timetable
    British Telecom Telephone Directory

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