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The microscale modelling project started on 1st January 2003. It was set up and approved as an integral part of UWERN to develop a new microscale model for the UWERN community. The aim was to resolve physical and dynamical scales down to a few metres, and enable resolution of flow over steep terrain and other atmospheric high resolution processes in the atmosphere and this is described in the original proposal . It is envisaged that this is a eight plus year project, with a useful lifetime of not less than fifteen years. An objective is to promote input from a wide cross section of the UK community, including other UWERN funded research as well as participation from the UK Met Office and other research institutes. A series of workshops are planned.

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Background information (01/03/03) 1st Microscale Modelling Workshop, (27/03/03)
Microscale Project Progress, (01/08/03) Building / surface layer discussion document, (01/09/03)
Agreed proposal for surface scale model, (01/11/03) Meeting notes on European terrain intersecting grids developments, (30/10/03)
2nd Microscale Workshop Programme, (16/12/03) Provisional summary of Workshop 2, (16/12/03)
Analysis of Blasius Pressure Solver, (20/09/04) Draft changes for use of "Moist Blasius". (12/03/05)
A Blasius cloud flowing over a 3-d hill. (22/03/05) Street Canyon Modelling. (20/04/05)

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