SPARC Lifetimes Assessment Chapter 5



Lead Authors: Martyn Chipperfield and Qing Liang
S. Bekki, A. Douglass, D. Kinnison, D. Plummer, M. Prather, B.M. Sinnhuber


Chapter 5 will use 3-D CCMs to diagnose lifetimes of key atmospheric gases. The CCMs are those which have already been extensively evaluated as part of the SPARC SPARC activity for CCM Validation (CCMVal) ( ). 

Details of model runs:  Further details of the model runs can be obtained from the links below.

Download more details etc using the links below.

Overview Forcings PhotoComp
Data Request Results Summary

NEW!! CMOR output table available here

Last modified:  12 June 2012
by Martyn Chipperfield