TOMCAT Near Real Time Simulations

The site holds plots of the distribution of artificial and realistic compounds over the Asian Summer Monsoon region, from the TOMCAT/SLIMCAT global chemical transport model (CTM). The model is being run in 'near real time', meaning that model output is available ~1 day after the current date. For simulations here, the CTM is forced with ECMWF winds and temperatures run with a horizontal (moderate) resolution of 2.8 x 2.8 and 1 x 1 degrees and has 60 vertical levels (surface to 10 Pa). The tropical UTLS vertical coverage comprises 9 levels between 36-154 hPa. The output here shown is every 6 hours

The artificial tracers here shown derives from simulations with simplified chemistry of CO25 (25 days lifetime) and CO50 (50 days lifetime) using realistic monthly and spatially varying estimates of the surface CO emissions, along with specified idealised loss rates.The CO lifetime in reality is about 60 days.

The idealized TR5 (5 days lifetime) and TR50 (50 days lifetime) tracers are defined are constrained at the surface with a constant 100 ppbv mixing ratio between 32N-49N and zero at other latitudes. This surface constrain reflects the emissions from the most industrialized and developing countries.

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