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FaultLab is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional study of the lower crust beneath the North Anatolian Fault in western Anatolia. The project is funded by UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and supported by Bogazici University Istanbul (Turkey), Sakarya University (Turkey) and SeisUK. Further partners are the University of Bergen and the University of Manitoba.

The main scientific aims of this project include:

i) seismic imaging of the lower crust using scattered waves from teleseismic sources

ii) micro-earthquake activity in the region using seismic data from a dense seismic network and regional stations

iii) Determining the 3D velocity structure of the crust

(iv) geodynamical modeling of viscoelastic strain in the seismic cycle

(v) geodetic constraints derived from InSAR combined with published GPS data

(vi) structural and fabric analysis of an exhumed shear zone (the Uludag Massif)

The project will deploy a dense network of 64 autonomous station in the Sakarya region of Turkey plus 7 additional stations that will provide additional regional seismic data at the beginning of May 2012