Vacancies in Liane's group


Post-doctoral positions: 

currently no open positions; I am however, happy to support any high quality personal fellowship application for a fellow to work in my group in Leeds as long as the topic falls within the remit and interests of the group. Please e-mail me if you have found a potential funding source, are eligible for funding and willing to write a serious fellowship proposal. Some options are outlined below.

PhD studentship positions:

Currently no open positions; I have however, various ongoing large research projects that could lead to novel and exciting PhD topics. If you are interested in doing a PhD in my group please contact me via e-mail.

Applicants must meet all eligibility and admissions criteria for funding and for PhD studies in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds.  Information about eligibility, language requirements as well as full details about the application and selection processes are available online and in part below.

Depending on the project and the funding source various possibilities for UK/EU as well as international students exist. For non-UK students, there are several possible scholarships that you could apply for. Please get in touch early (i.e., at least 6 months before finishing your BSc/MSc) and I can advise and help with applications for funding.

Contact Information: Liane G. Benning, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, United Kingdom;
tel: 44 (0)113 343 5220 (secretariat: 5222); e-mail:  l.g.benning (@)