The Lead PI, Euan Nisbet, will be assisted by Matt Rigby as deputy in the Management Team. Their tasks will be to co-ordinate the project, to initiate and hold frequent telecons, especially with workpackage teams and also across the project, to submit the bi-annual reports to NERC, and to chair the annual project meetings. Guiding them will be an advisory board chaired by John Pyle of Cambridge. Advisory Board members will include Philippe Bousquet, Director of the French Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, Ed Dlugokencky (NOAA) and Martin Manning, (Wellington, New Zealand) formerly technical director of IPCC and expert on methane. The core management team will be supported by a part-time Project Manager, who will be tasked with setting-up the project web-page and initial meeting, maintaining project internal communications, and harmonizing project activities such as Impact. She will assist in preparing the bi-annual reports to NERC. Dr. Aoife Grant, of Bristol, has been asked to carry out this work: she is highly experienced from the UK DECC tall tower measurement programme, and will also be able to advise on data format harmonisation. She will be 20% time throughout the project and will be based in Bristol directly reporting to Dr. Rigby.

MOYA management structure.

The management team will report to the Management Board. This will consist of the workpackage leaders. The management board will hold quarterly telecons to monitor the state of the project and identify problems, and to direct plans for annual project meetings. The board will have the power to intervene and advise in the case a project partner meets major problems in the project. Should one of the management team step down, the board will recommend a replacement to NERC, with input from the Advisory Board.

Workpackage leaders will be tasked with supporting and advising partners in their workpackages, assisting in preparation of the bi-annual report to NERC, and reporting to the Annual meeting. They will as occasion demands convene workpackage team meetings, hold quarterly workpackage telecons prior to board telecons, and assist in knowledge transfer between groups (e.g. instrumentation, tropical problems). They will identify topics and research findings of interest to the Impact team, and support the project manager.

Central consortium facilities will include the Gas facilities and Intercomparison work of Univ. East Anglia, and the D/H and C isotope facility at Royal Holloway. These services will support the Observation and Process Studies teams. York Univ. will lead on management of the FAAM flights, supported by Manchester.

Impact activities will be led by Dr. Michelle Cain, of Cambridge, who has been extremely successful in this for the NERC MAMM Arctic consortium (including a Scientific American 21 expedition blog). She will identify major topics of public interest, with the help of workpackage leaders and the management board. With the management team, she will be a public face for the consortium for communications that represent the whole project. Management activities will be funded via Royal Holloway, Bristol and Cambridge (Impact). Bristol will support the Project Manager (approx £42k) and Cambridge will host the Impact Manager (£20k). Advisory Board costs will be supported by Royal Holloway. Royal Holloway and Bristol costs include a portion of the part salary support for Nisbet and Rigby, and travel support etc. to represent the project at international meetings (e.g. UN WMO Greenhouse Gas Measurement and techniques panel), and for visits to project activities. Workpackage leaders will be tasked with managing their workpackages. The intensity of management activities by Nisbet and Rigby and workpackage leaders will vary as the project commences and matures.

The core MOYA team consists of the following:

Royal Holloway, University of London

Euan Nisbet (PI)

David Lowry

Rebecca Fisher

University of East Anglia

Andrew Manning

Bill Sturges

Parv Suntharalingham

Claire Reeves

Grant Forster

University of Exeter

Andrew Watson

Lena Kozlova

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Tom Bell

Mingxi Yang

British Antarctic Survey

Anna Jones

Tom Lachlan-Cope

University of Manchester

Grant Allen

Carl Percival

Martin Gallagher

Keith Bower

University of Leicester

Hartmut Boesch

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Ute Skiba

Julia Drewer

Peter Levy

C Helfter

Garry Hayman

Eleanor Blyth

Nic Gedney

The Open University

Vincent Gauci

Walter Oechel

University of Aberdeen and University of Glasgow

Yit Arn Teh

Jo Smith

Susan Waldron

University of Leeds

Emanuel Gloor

Martyn Chipperfield

University of Bristol

Matt Rigby

Anita Ganesan

Simon O'Doherty

University of Cambridge

John Pyle

Neil Harris

Michelle Cain

Nicola Warwick

University of Edinburgh

Paul Palmer

Liang Feng

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